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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of broadband?

A broadband connection allows you to access the internet nearly always for a fixed monthly fee. Broadband is also much faster than dial-up. Broadband download speeds start at 512kb (We offer up to 4Mbps for Home and up to 1Gbps for Business internet ie Leased Line).

2. What is wireless broadband?

Wireless broadband, or WiFi, is simply broadband without a cable between your PC and our Tower, which transmits your requests to the internet.  You can link several wireless-enabled devices to one wireless router, creating a wireless network also.

3. How does wireless broadband work?

We will provide you  wireless device (CPE) that uses radio waves to transmit your requests from your computer(s), to our Tower, Our Radio Tower Manages your Internet Request.

4. Benefits of wireless broadband

A.  fewer cables around the house 

B. Stable Connectivity, no fear of cutting wires

C. Link several wireless devices (eg two pcs, a pc and a laptop, a pc, laptop and PDA) Using WIFI Router

5. Can I get broadband over a wireless network in my home ( I Want internet Sharing between Users?

Yes, You will need a Wifi router . You can buy this router. We will help you to setup your network. If you set up a wireless network by yourself in your home you must ensure that you have adequate wifi security.

6. How fast will my broadband be?

While we're a long way from the interminable waits of dial-up in the mid-1990s, it is true that broadband can sometimes fail to live up to expectations. We are now offering up to 4 Mb broadband for home or small business users. We offer leased line up to100Mbps

7. What do Kb, KB mean?

At connection speed of 512 Kbps your Download Speed will be 64 KB/S  (note the Difference between  bit & bytes )

8. What is the contention ratio or Shared Internet Connection, or What does that mean 1:1 Connection or 1:8 Connection?

Home broadband connections is shared one, that's why it costs lowerer. It means that your connection speed vary according to Number of Simultaneous Users.If you see a contention ratio of, say, 1:8, this means that 8 subscribers share that 1 Mbps of bandwidth. Business packages often have lower contention ratios or even 1:1, because it is essential to them that they have a continually fast service.

9 . What does download speed mean or Download Limit?

This is the speed per second at which you can download information (eg a webpage, a song, a film or a pdf) to your computer. Broadband download speeds vary from 512kb to more (1Mb, or 1Megabit per second, is 1024 kb, or 1024 kilobits per second, so you can see the wide variation in download speeds). In practice, the speed you receive is depend on many factors, including the contention ratio and your distance from your local Tower– you will notice that most providers offering higher download speeds will say that the higher speed is “up to 8MB” or “up to 24Mb” as they cannot guarantee the top speed. 

10. How to become our customer?

Visit our Website - www.airnetwork.in and order broadband. You may also contact our sales team. They will guide you.

11. Which broadband speed do I need?

Our 1 Mbps download speed should be enough to check your emails, upload and view photos, play online games. If you are an avid online gamer, if you download and share a lot of big files, or if several of your family members are heavy users, then we suggest opting for a faster broadband package.

Also, if you need more speed for uploading large files, you can subscribe to our broadband Leased Line packages starting from 4Mbps Download/Upload Speed. If you have no idea, call us and our Sales representative will help you.

12. What is a connection charge?

Please visit our website for updated price

13. Why does my high speed package seems a little slow?

If your higher-speed package is slower than it should be, verify that no other application, such as a peer-to-peer sharing software, is slowing down your experience. If you use a Wi-Fi router, check that it’s protected with a password and that no intruders are using it. Also verify that your PC or connected device is close to the router

14. What types of applications/services could lead to high data usage?
Streaming music or video can typically lead to high 


15. Can I upgrade or downgrade the broadband speed package?
Yes. You can login client portal and downgrade/upgrade plans.
16. How do I pay? or how do i recharge my Account ?
- Visit our website / client portal for online recharge.
- You may also depositamount to our bank account/Office
17. How do I check my Usage Details and Paid Invoices?
Login Client portal form our Website - www.airnetwork.in
18. How can I protect myself from viruses?
Ensure you've installed appropriate anti-virus protection software on your PC and verify that your software is always up to date. Also, be wary of e-mail attachments as many viruses, worms, hoaxes, Trojans and other forms of malicious software can be spread via email, usually as attachments. Unless you trust the sender and you are absolutely sure that the attachment is legitimate, please don’t open it.


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